2019 July RAM Shoot

Every month we gather at Wattlespring Gun Club for the Ram Shoot.

Wattlespring Gun Club

This shoot has a vibe of its own that is generated only by the shooters.

It is a shoot where there is no pressure to win the tournament. There is no pressure to impress. There is no pressure to excel.

This is just pure pleasure shooting.

On this day you can bring your wives and children and all have a grand time together.

You have a groups that travel from as far a field as Nelspruit – just for the day.

Then there are the shooters who try out their skills – who can shoot the clay the fastest – who can leave the clay to the last minute and shoot it just before it lands on the ground.

You can have a good laugh when your buddy next to you loses four of the slowest rabbits and he is by no means an inexperienced shooter.

You have the oldest shooter in the competition who must stop and have a smoke between ranges but can still shoot in excess of 90/100.

Then along comes J J Symington from Limpopo and shoots 100 straight.

I know of a group of shooters that made their own floating trophy and between five friends the trophy will go to the winner for that month.

I just cannot describe the different personalities that come along for a day of shooting.

If you see the pure pleasure on the faces as you watch the YouTube you will realize what I am on about.



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