2019 Sterkfontein Compak Trial 2

Tim Hubner

The first weekend of August 2019 brought with it a hint of summer but do not be lulled into a false sense of the summer that is on our doorstop.

If the weather apps are to be believed we still have some evenings to enjoy in front of the fireplace as winter hangs on.

The first weekend of August 2019 also brought the Sterkfontein Compak Trial.

Ranges were set with the 16th World Fitasc Compak Sporting Championship

Hungary in mind. Ranges were set for the team to enjoy what might be in store for them as they head off to Galgamcsa in a weeks’ time.

Once again we had great shooting and had a shoot off for high gun between Tim Hubner and Joel Allem both posting a score of 195. Absolutely brilliant shooting. Tim winning the shoot off.

High Gun – Tim Hubner

Senior – Derek Steyn

Veteran – Richard Westley

Joel Allem

Masters Bruce Morgan

Ladies – Josy de jongh

Juniors – Ethan Shahim

We really have to thank Sterkfontein Shooting Club for all the work they put into this trial. The club has gone through a bad time with theft and break-ins and yet few shooters were even aware of that. As always they are very professional and gave us a superb shoot.

We wish our National team “Sok Szerencsét” in Hungary. Enjoy every moment.

Also enjoy our footage of the weekend.