Clay Target Shooters – Share Your Shoebox.

There are those among us that stow away every boarding pass, movie ticket, a flower to press, a child’s first tooth, your first medal, a scorecard.

All these treasures are then safely kept in a shoebox for safe keeping. This is history and I love history

Peter Van Rhijn’s Business Card

Although I would like to think I am not a hoarder, I do think we all have the tendency to collect things. It brings a warm feeling when on a cold or rainy day, you bring out these shoe boxes and reminisce about the years that have passed.

A Durban Deep Practice Round From The 70’s

It was one of these cold and rainy days that we decided to delve into one of these shoe boxes, that made me decide to start to collect history about shooting – Clay Target Shooting in particular -in South Africa. That is how my came about. The idea has taken twists and turns because I am not a journalist, reporter or writer but I sure hope you enjoy the posts.

I am hoping that the next twist in my idea will take all you shooters to your shoe boxes that are stowed away.

We found some really interesting items and we would like to share with the Clay Target Shooting Fraternity.

DSC Pretoria Clay Target Club Practice Round From the 80’s
Graaff Reinet In The 90’s.

Will you share your Shoebox Memorabilia with us.

Dig into your shoeboxes, have a walk down memory lane and contact me to share these wonderful items and photos that are all part of our Shooting History.





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