Corne Grimmbacher

Somerset West is a town in the Western Cape, South Africa.

Corne Grimmbacher
Corne On The Podium At The SA Grand

This is where you will find Somerset College and this is where you will find Corne Grimmbacher.

A diligent Grade 10 student with her sight set on furthering her studies at Stellenbosch University. At the moment she is still considering her options to where her studies will lead her.

Corne’s other interests are art and drama

At the South African Grand 2019, South Africa not only had a new ATA Trap lady champion, but Corne is also the youngest lady to ever wear this crown.

Corne also took her stand on the podium at the SA Grand in DTL Trap with a Bronze medal in the Ladies Division and qualified for National Colours to represent South Africa at the DTL Trap European Championships in the UK in July 2019.  Corne is the first Junior Lady to receive National Colours for DTL Trap.

Do look out as you travel the circuit in South Africa in future as there is as an elegant young lady, who will be heading for the range to compete against you.

I am sure we are still going to see and hear much of Corne in South African Clay Target Shooting.

Well done Corne.