Olympic Double Trap

The layout of double trap shooting is similar to that of trap shooting. The shooter stands 16 yards behind the house that releases the targets. Two targets are released simultaneously from the house. They follow set paths, usually 35 degrees to left and right of straightaway. The shooter can take one shot at each target.

Russel Mark at the Summer Olympics 1996

In international Double Trap competitions, the course of fire is 75 doubles for men and 60 doubles for women. The men’s event involves

Atlanta Olympics Gold for Kim Rhode

a 25-double final for the top six competitors. The women’s event was taken off the Olympic program after the 2004 Summer Olympics. Final shooting for women was discontinued in international competition as a result. The men’s event was taken off the Olympic Program prior to the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Men’s double trap shooting made its first appearance at the 1996 Summer Olympics, with Russell Mark (141/150 Qualifying Round and 48/50 in the Final) – becoming the inaugural champion after a strong final. Albano Pera and Zhang Bing won the other medals after a shoot-off with Park Chul-sung.

Women’s double trap shooting made its first appearance at the 1996 Summer Olympics, with Kim Rhode becoming the inaugural champion with a score of 108/120 in the qualifier and 33/40 in the final. Susanne Kiermayer defeated Deserie Huddleston in the silver

Double Trap Lay Out

medal shoot-off.

While the future of Double Trap at the Olympics has been in danger for some time now, the ISSF’s recommendation to remove it from Tokyo 2020 came as a blow to many athletes around the world. To keep their dreams alive of representing their country on the biggest stage in the world, many shooters have been changing disciplines, with many switching to Olympic Trap.

The recommendation to remove Double Trap was made to help achieve gender equality in shooting as part of Agenda 2020, which is the International Olympic Committee’s plan for the Tokyo Olympics. It will be replaced by a Mixed Team Trap event.

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