Orazio Cremona


A Relaxed Orazio Cremona

2018 saw the election of a new CTSASA president – Orazio Cremona.

Orazio is one of those well-rounded gentlemen that we need on the Clay Target shooting scene in South Africa. Bringing a fresh approach and new ideas.

A dedicated shooter that has been awarded Springbok and Protea colours through the years.

Orazio was the South African Olympic Champion in 1994 and South African Universal Champion in 2007, 2010 and then again in 2017.

Doing What He Loves

Taking part in two African Shooting Championships, he walked off with the Silver medal in Bloemfontein and the Bronze in Cairo.


FITASC Universal World Championships also saw Orazio on the podium:

2017 – In Megeve, France Orazio was part of the South African team, achieving the Silver medal.

2018 – In Sarlospuszta, Hungry Orazio led South African National Team home with the Bronze medal, a Silver medal in the Senior Category and a tenth place overall.

He has also served as Chairman of Durban Deep Sheet Club, Roodepoort, the Transvaal CTSA committee vice president of CTSASA.

Orazio & Valeria

A very busy businessman with his name on the letterheads of Technochef cc, Valmo Cheese, Belfiore Italian Deli and

Pizza or Paella on the Menu?

Northern Lights Trading.

On the personal side ……..

Orazio is married to the lovely Valeria who you will often accompany him on his shoots around the country. She is also his number one supporter when Orazio competes overseas. They have three daughters – Manuela, Alessandra and Laura. Then there is the big baby brother Orazio Junior. There are five grandchildren.

Their home has a typical Italian family atmosphere with family gatherings at large tables laden with foods Orazio loves to prepare. Apparently he is the paella and pizza king in the family.

This year Orazio will once again take the South African Universal Team, competing in Ychoux – France, under his wing.

What more can we say about Orazio that has not been said? His dedication in all he does is what he brings to the sport of clay target shooting and it can only grow under such leadership.

Orazio – we salute you.